Saturday, 22 March 2014

Charlie's Camp Poems

Haiku Poem: Waves
Roaring and thrashing
Pulling, shoving and bumpy
Glistening and sparkling

Flag run
Screaming and shouting
Salty, squishy,mushy sand
Running and grabbing

Letter to Piha:

To The Sand
Thank you for boiling like a hot spa tub
Thank you for roaring like a little lion cub
Thank you for the salty games we had lots of fun
Thank you for playing with us in the sun
Thank you for not burning my feet today
Thank you for being my friend, you're okay Love, Charlie

Adjective, Noun, Verb and Adverb Poem:

Crazy kids shouting loudly
Wet sand flying quickly
Tiny rocks moving slowly
Fragile shells crackling unpleasantly
Large dogs barking crazily
Evil seagulls squawking repeatedly
Happy swimmers splashing courageously
Slimy seaweed popping effectively
Powerful sun shimmering helpfully
Sandy footprints fading poorly
White sunscreen splatting powerfully
School hats blowing wildly
Cold towels drying randomly
Tight togs soaking incredibly
Tall trees swaying peacefully
Excited Miss Small talking friendly

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